I'm always singing the praises of the Instant Nursery Manager program because it is brilliant
Steve Black - Little Flyers, Thornwood, Essex

I have purchased your fabulous system and it is working excellently, it's brilliant, I love it!
Paula Brown - Tic Tock Pre-School and Out of School Club, Basildon, Essex

We have been using Instant Nursery Manager for the past year and we would like to write and congratulate you on such a superb database system.

After opening our Nursery in November 2007 we worked with another system that had sold itself as the perfect package for all Nurseries. Finding it completely unworkable, despite spending £1000.00 on a personal training session and thinking it was my lack of computer experience that was making it all so complicated we persevered for 6 months. If only we had found your system first!

From the outset Instant Nursery Manager was clear, concise, easy to pick up and totally suited to our everyday needs. The help that we received from Michael during the setting up process was so efficient – right down to his knowing exactly which button had been pressed on which screen! Help given was clearly explained and the folder of Information that came with the Software, and the short video clips have been invaluable as we have spent time getting to know the system.

It is quite clear that this system has been created by someone who knows, with great insight, all the ins and outs of a busy nursery.

I cannot recommend this system highly enough – our only regret is that we didn’t find it sooner.
Dave & Kate Eastwood B Ed EYPS- Leigh Cottage Childcare, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

We started out as a small nursery four years ago with not too many children, but as we grew, found that we needed a management programme, and are so glad we found your Instant Nursery Manager, it has been an efficient tool from the first day and I am so glad I now don't have to work out those monthly invoices!!
Marian & Tony Best - Cherubs Firststeps, Chadwell St Mary

We've been using both the daycare and holiday club versions of Instant Nursery Manager for the past six years without a hitch. We are very impressed.
Angela Plank - Thorne Manor Day Nursery, Holsworthy, Devon

All in all the only word to use in FANTASTIC!!!

I purchased Instant Nursery Manager in September 2007 after researching other similar products and it's safe to say I made the best choice. I started using the program before I had even opened the nursery as I had a lot of people on the waiting list therefore it was great to show cash projections and future numbers, making my job easier. Even my business manager was impressed at how organised I was, little did he know I had hardly done a thing.

Now the nursery is up and running and has been for 6 months, the program still saves me so much time. Even though I'm the manager I would rather spend time with the children, this program allows me so much more time to do this.

The registers are easy and clear and the invoices are a dream, just click a button and they are done. Business wise it's great to be able to see cash flow projections and keep up to date with who is late with payments etc...

The support offered is second to none as for other companies who charge every time you contact them. The team at Instant Nursery Manager will guide you through everything step by step, they can even access your computer remotely if you are really stuck and sort the problem for you!
Katrina Taylor - Mawsley Day Nursery, Northampton

When I opened my nursery in 2006 I considered numerous nursery management software programmes before opting for Datamove's Preschooler system. I can honestly say I have never regretted my decision for one moment. It has proved to be intrinsic to the smooth running of my business - from childrens' emergency information at the touch of a button, helping me to plan my staffing ratios to invoicing and credit control functions and much much more - I would genuinely be lost without it.

If this were not enough the after sales package has been top notch. There is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone who knows this system inside and out and is able to guide you at your own level of experience towards a resolution to your query. I would recommend Instant Nursery Manager/Preschooler to anyone that is looking for an efficient nursery management package that can be used by even those with limited computer expertise. Thanks so much Datamove - I wouldn't be without you.
Joanne Edwards - Bumble Bees Day Nursery, Stoke-on-Trent

We have used the Instant Nursery Manager here for the past 2 years. We are very impressed with the program and it makes the working day of the management team a lot easier!!
Lindsey Houston - Auchinbee Children's Nursery, Cumbernauld

It's a lovely program and both my nurseries have used Instant Nursery Manager for 4 years now, but what I like most is the constant support if I ever need it.
Carrie Maris - Little Acorns, Wisbech

I have used Instant Nursery Manager for several years now - and would not be without it! The programme is easy to use, and the extra features introduced such as NNI monitoring have made my life as a Nursery Manager so much easier. Great value for money - and superb after sales assistance. INM is highly recommended!
Kellie James - First Steps Grimsby

Just to say that the Instant Nursery Manager program is working wonderfully. It saved me a lot of time and effort. It is accurate and we find it very easy to use. When required your support is very good and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending your program to any nursery managers or owners.
Ray Kerler, Tinysaurus Nursery, Hove

Thank you very much for your help and advice. I am so pleased with the Preschooler programme - it covers all of the nursery needs, plus more. I have found it easy to use and back up. I particularly like the planning ahead programme helping me to organise the intake for September 2008 and even 2009. I would recommend any group to use this programme. I have an Ofsted inspection due any time now and hope to impress them with the organisation of our nursery, thanks to Preschooler! It is also so good to be able to pick up the phone and chat to the programme creator when I have a silly mistake that he knows how to instantly rectify!
Sharon Rea - New View Nursery, Horsham

I use Instant Nursery Manager and it has completely revolutionised our time management. From being a complete computerphobic this system is so user-friendly and practical. It certainly enhanced our last social services inspection due to the contribution it made to our record keeping, etc. The clients and staff are happy with this system and I cannot sing its praises enough.
Joe Walsh - De Verdun Nursery, Newbold Verdon

Caring for almost 400 children every day meant that we needed a system that is easy to use with ability to accept data from our old system. Instant Nursery Manager was quick and easy to implement and gives us all the information we require on a day to day basis. Data input is simple and flexible and saves me as least one days work per week. Having spent 6 months evaluating different nursery management software offerings, Instant Nursery Manager won on ease of use, flexibility, value for money and support.
David MacGill - Fisherfield Farm Nursery Group Ltd, Rochdale

I just wanted to say that the Instant Nursery Manager software has really saved us valuable time and money. Since using the program we have been able to reduce outstanding debt and also ensure that future bookings do not accrue arrears. I recommend this software to anyone who is involved with financial and organisational structure in nurseries. Buy this now before you start your business. It will be one of the best investments towards your nursery.
N Smith - Beechfield Nursery, London

I would just like to let you know how invaluable we have found Instant Nursery Manager. It has saved us so much time and aggravation.
Valerie Wells - First Steps Day Nursery, Great Wilbraham

The Instant Nursery Manager has made a big difference to the efficiency of our business, we don't know how we managed without it!
Jo Kavakeb - Squirrels Day Nursery, Hertfordshire

Since switching to Instant Nursery Manager I have been very pleased. It has certainly made running the day nursery a lot easier - it is easy to use and to set up, and having changed from a competitor product I needed my faith restored and this has now been done.
Peter Hamblin - Little Acorns Day Nursery & Kids Club, Colchester

We opened a new Nursery in London in October 2007 and purchased INM in January 2008, this was after using a very disappointing software program from a different company that we had first purchased, and cost us a lot of money with support at a premium rate numbers; and it did require many hours of support. Even then it did not do the job for us. I must say that INM is an excellent program, it caters for all management and financial reports that we need. The support care we received is way past of what one would expect. I very strongly recommend this product.
Orange Day Nursery, Hornsey, London

...I'm finding the Preschooler software superb, it really has saved me such a lot of work and given the club a professional image.
Penny Elrington - Pennysclub, Bolton

We have used Instant Nursery Manager at both our nurseries since 2002... the program has been absolutely wonderful with no problems at all.
Elizabeth Morrison - The Kindergarten, Aberdeen

....we use the Out of School version, truly and utterly amazing, it's brilliant, fantastic!
Hayley Lynskey - Early Birds & Night Owls Out of School Club, Hertfordshire

We have a chain of three day nurseries within South Gloucestershire. We realised that as we grew that our way of managing our business was out of date and not up to the job. Datamove supplied us the software to take our business to that next level. Out of numerous software companies we looked at, Datamove offered us flexibility and bespoke software changes inline with our business needs. Combine this with a helpdesk service second to none, We owe a lot to Datamove.
M Williams - Abbeywood Day Nursery

Instant Nursery Manager really is a very useful and efficient business tool, I am so glad that we chose your system, it is well designed and easy to use - it does what it says it will on the label! Both I and my wife are also very impressed with the support that you have given since we bought the system, now, some years ago... your help and at times patience has been second to none.                                                                                     Carl Cuthbertson - Totstops Early Years, Driffield
I use Instant Nursery Manager to manage our weekly attendance and staffing ratios. Instant Nursery Manager is also invaluable for running the financial aspects of the nursery, including quarterly invoicing and monthly reports. Instant Nursery Manager also enables us to manage waiting lists, keep all children's records and generally enables us to run efficiently.
Bridget Crane - Little Angels Day Nursery, Market Harborough

The Instant Nursery Manager saves us at least 5 days work every month. The system paid for itself within month one!
Kenneth Apps - Lingfield Nursery School, Horsham, W. Sussex

...can I also add that it has been a fantastic addition to our club and has saved us a huge amount of time. Thankyou!
Vera Hulme - Tuel Lane Playgroup, Halifax

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