The Staff Planner allows you to record all your staff's details, qualifications, shift patterns, holiday, absence etc. It enables you to instantly view and print rotas and timesheets at the click of a button and much, much more. The Staff Planner is entirely free software and available to any of our existing clients or 95 if you are not an existing user. You can order by calling 0116 2375017.
To find out more or with help using the program view the demonstration videos below. All demonstrations require the Flash plugin and have voice-over instructions, so please ensure your speakers are on.
First view the demo videos below prior to ordering the Staff Planner absolutely free for our existing clients. You can also upgrade your current Staff Planner to the latest version by downloading the Staff Planner upgrade below.
Video 1. Running the Staff Planner system for the first time
7 minutes
Video 2. Staff Planner Overview
10 minutes
Download the latest upgrade for your current Staff Planner