Will the system run on Windows 8 & 10?
Yes, our Desktop versions run on all Windows operating systems and our Cloud version also runs on MAC OS, Linux OS along with IPads and Android devices.
Can I email invoices, statements etc to my clients?
Yes, you can either save as a PDF file and email the PDF or you can directly send invoices etc from the report preview, you can also email attachments from your own files.
My nursery bills parents by the hour, does your system cope with hourly rate billing?
Yes, we have a version where the children can be booked in with a start and end time and the system calculates fees based on an hourly rate.
Do we receive Support?
Yes, we offer support by remote computer connection and via the telephone. This is free for the first year and 85.00 per year thereafter for option A, option B (Cloud) support is included in the server usage costs.
Can the software be run on a network?
Yes, if your PCs are currently networked we can remotely network the program so any number of computers can access the program either on a designated PC or a server. We also offer an option now to install your software on our own secure server, you can then access the program via an internet browser or shortcut.
How many computers can the software be 'installed' on?
The purchase licence allows multiple copies of the nursery application to be installed on as many PC's as you wish although one purchased application is for one nursery setting.